1. Guidelines
  2. Wi-fi's
  3. Printers
  4. Calendar
  5. Door lock
  6. Boardroom Projector
  7. Resident Agreement

Treehaus Guidelines

  1. Please always make sure the door is locked by checking the small light indicator and making sure it's red.


Internet Connectivity

Guest Wi-fi

Treehaus Guests



Resident Wi-fi

(please do not share this with non-members or guest)

Treehaus Workspace
Treehaus Boardroom


If you require ethernet connectivity, please send us an email.


Click below to find instructions to set up your computer with our printers

Note: Please use the black and white printer (Brother) as your default printer as the colour inkjets are more expensive than the black toner.

If you're having trouble printing, you can send you what you would like to print as an attachment to print@treehaus.ca

Send us an email if you're having any printing issues.

Calendar and Room Booking




We ask that everyone's event title be created in this format:
[event name] - [company name]
e.g. "Fundraiser Meeting - Manulife"

Find your username/password in your email under "Booking a room at Treehaus".

If you have any issues logging in to the calendar or making bookings, please send us an email.

Security and Door Lock

The Treehaus deadbolt lock automatically locks every night at 10pm and unlocks every morning at 7am.

If you would like to get into Treehaus during these hours, simply key in your code on the door then press the red button.

Find your door lock code in your email under "Unlocking the deadbolt at Treehaus"

Note: if you access Treehaus from 10pm-7am, please make sure you lock the deadbolt manually.

If you have any issues locking, unlocking or finding your code, please send us an email.

Boardroom Projector

Connecting to the Treehaus Boardroom Projector

1. Turn projector on using remote.

2. On computer, connect to the Wi-Fi network "Treehaus Boardroom".

3. Go to treehaus.ca/projector to download and install the Airtame App.

4. Open the Airtame App and click Start next to "Boardroom Projector”.

Treehaus Projector Instructions.jpg

Your screen should be projected onto the wall.
Please turn off projector after use and return remote to wall holder.

Resident Agreement

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Contact: hi@treehaus.ca